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Movers + Shakers uses song and farce to explore the virtual mating habits of our 21st Century political elite, inspired by Anthony Weiner’s problems with texting and Sarah Palin’s aggressively unapologetic retrograde femininity. During a routine campaign stop in small town Wisconsin, Congressman Darren Finn and his hardworking campaign staff tangle with the local community as they try to do damage control on an out-of-control dick pic. This new play explores at how technology has melted borders between good behavior and bad, and how that same technology has encouraged exhibitionism in our most private behaviors.


Book by Deborah Stein 
Music by James Sugg and Daniel Kluger 
Lyrics by Deborah Stein and James Sugg 
Directed by Suli Holum


February 2016: Workshop Production at UC San Diego June 2014: Workshop at the Ground Floor Summer Lab at Berkeley Repertory Theatre October 2012: Superlab Workshop at Playwrights Horizons/Clubbed Thumb May 2012, March 2013, and June 2014: Workshops at the Creativity Fund, a program of New Dramatists


Winner of the 2013 Frederick R. Loewe Award in Musical Theatre from New Dramatists