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We are an experiment.

We’ve also been called a team, a collective, an ensemble, an outfit, and a two-girl band. Each play we make is a continuation of a conversation begun many years ago: we’re two college friends with deep respect for each other, who go in search of other artists whose work and imaginations excite and inspire us. We start a conversation with those people, and later we invite the audience into that conversation. We’re always learning, always discovering things we haven’t thought of and things we have yet to try. Some of our conversations have been going on for 15 years; some of them are just beginning.

We are curious.

We start from the unknown. We gather artists we want to learn from, and pose questions and share our obsessions. From that conversation we start to explore a play, and by doing so, we explore the world. Our plays have begun as questions about the mechanics of live video, songwriting, and physical comedy—and also from questions about genetics, violence, and how technology changes the way we seduce each other.

We are a laboratory.

We conduct experiments to discover work that is accessible and challenging, entertaining while formally adventurous. We use the topics that obsess us to learn new forms, and we learn new forms in order to tell the stories the way we believe they need to be told. We start with a pile of research—articles, books, movies, YouTube videos—and a gut instinct about what makes it theatrical.  We read together, we discuss, we cut out pictures and tape them to the wall, we write, we sing, we train, we move, we make things. Through this deliberately inefficient, trial-and-error process, we build a play.

We build theatre.

By embracing complexity and a multiplicity of voices, we seek inspiration beyond the limits of our personal lived experience. Our process celebrates the vulnerability and possibility in starting with what you don’t know, can’t do, or can’t be sure of. By making theatre about topics and characters that are strange, confounding, absurd, uncomfortable, mysterious, or reviled, we instigate and engage in meaningful debate and a deeper understanding of what it means to be alive, today, in our current moment.

 Our plays are both experimental and deeply accessible.

Experimental, because we’re always doing things we’ve never done before, and accessible because at the end of the day we want to engage a wide range of audience in the conversation begun when we were just two.  Really.  It’s why we do it.

Welcome to the conversation.